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  • Spring Pilgrimage 2024!

RAVENNA 1835, 1836

Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+
Children Ages 12 & under


Ravenna’s exterior is distinguished by front and rear double galleries inset beneath a gable roof. The first floor galleries display Doric columns while the second floor columns are of the higher Ionic order, a worldly first step in the newly imported style. The interiors of Ravenna are beautifully detailed, but the elegant curves of its elliptical staircase and the entrance hall arch spanning a Doric screen reveal a hesitation by the builders to abandon the Federal Style and embrace the purely angular Greek Revival. Looking out on the ravine feels like a step back in time. One can easily imagine the interesting tales of the homes colorful history as they come to life in this lovely and timeless setting.

  • Noted for its old gardens, handsome exterior, and beautiful interior woodwork
  • Decor features fine antiques from throughout Europe
  • An 88 piece antebellum set of Old Paris China graces the large dining room, which features a Greek Revival mantelpiece with engaged Doric columns
  • Ravenna boasts 6 bedrooms and 5 baths, including 7 fireplaces