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RAVENNA 1835, 1836

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Ravenna is an early 19th century Greek Revival mansion nestled among three acres of lush gardens and woods in the historic district of downtown Natchez.  Constructed in 1835-36 by the renowned Neibert & Gemmell contracting firm as the residence of prominent entrepreneur, William Harris, Ravenna boasts a unique structural form, making it one of the most architecturally significant early Greek Revival mansions in Natchez.

Ravenna’s outstanding architectural features include a stunning elliptical stairway and a central hallway arch supported by paired Doric columns. The use of superimposed orders, the first-story Doric and the Second-story Ionic, on the matching front and rear galleries is unique for Natchez architecture. The house’s three-story form with undercut double-tiered galleries is known to exist on only one other Natchez residence.

Ravenna’s historical significance extends beyond its architecture. It was the home of Zuleika Metcalfe, who played a significant role during the Civil War by smuggling supplies to the Confederates. The house was acquired by the Metcalfe’s in the 1850s and remained in the family until the 1980s, witnessing generations of family stories and historical events.

One of the home’s most notable residents was Roane Fleming Byrnes, who grew up at Ravenna, built her adult home on the family estate, and later became known as the “Queen of the Natchez Trace Parkway” for her instrumental role in spearheading the efforts to build the scenic parkway from Nashville, Tennessee, to Natchez. Roane’s upbringing at Ravenna and her later accomplishments as an author, social leader, and community developer reflect the house’s rich history and its connection to the broader historical narrative of Natchez and the South.

Today, Ravenna stands as a testament to Natchez’s architectural and historical heritage, offering visitors a glimpse into the past and a deeper understanding of the people and events that shaped this historic home and the surrounding community.

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