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Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 12 and Under

Explore Historic Myrtle Terrace: The Home of Captain Thomas P. Leathers

Built by Nathaniel L. Carpenter beginning in 1844 and completed in 1851 when purchased by steamboat captain, Thomas P. Leathers. The home showcases a large period-appropriate collection of Empire and Victorian furnishings within the walls of its spacious rooms.

Myrtle Terrace is historically known as the home of Captain Leathers, who was an internationally famous steamboat captain. He had financial success in the lower river cotton trade and built many steamboats, among them seven named “Natchez.”

The grounds of the home are covered in beautiful gardens and fountains and are surrounded by an ornate iron fence. On the grounds behind the home is a carriage house built in the 1850s, which is offered as an Airbnb. Myrtle Terrace is a must-see property while in Natchez.

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