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Holly Hedges

Located at one of the most historically significant intersections in the Natchez area during Spain’s occupation of Natchez from 1783-1798 sets this charming home, known today as Holly Hedges.

Although its earliest history dates to 1796 when a structure was built by Mr. John Scott, who received a Spanish grant on what was known as Block 1; it is believed Holly Hedges took its current form by 1805 when his widow, Susanna petitioned for a deed to the lot where the home she was building (or remodeling)sits today.

Of great significance in the chain of ownership of Holly Hedges is the tenure of the John T. McMurran family who lived here until their massive suburban estates Melrose was completed in 1848. Melrose is today the crown jewel of The Natchez National Historical Park.

Still later, Holly Hedges became the Natchez home of celebrated Dallas interior designer Earl Hart Miller and his wife Zan, who in 1948 completely restored the Federal era home and added the interlaced Federal style dormers and celebrated parterre garden to the original home giving it added visual appeal and gave the home the name Holly Hedges.

Earl Hart Miller was also credited with the interior design of the Pilgrimage Garden Club headquarters at Stanton Hall as well as numerous other Natchez landmark homes and commercial buildings.

Today, Holly Hedges is the Natchez residence of Mr. and Mrs. Wes Pack (Tammy) of Fredericksburg, Texas, and together they have completely restored Holly Hedges to a most comfortable family home for generations to come.