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  • Spring Pilgrimage 2024!

LONGWOOD 1860, 1861

Quick Details

Adult Ages 18+
Youth Ages 13-17
Children Ages 12 & under


Designed for Haller and Julia Nutt, Longwood stands five stories high and retains many original furnishings. When construction halted, the Nutt family moved into the nine-room ground floor. A gift to the Pilgrimage Garden Club in 1970 from the McAdams Foundation of Austin, Texas, the finial atop the dome was reconstructed in 1993. 

  • Grandest octagonal house in America
  • Original furnishings belonging to the Nutt family throughout the home
  • Original tools left behind still remain in the home
  • Beautiful walking grounds
  • National Historical Landmark
  • Owned and beautifully maintained by the Pilgrimage Garden Club