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  • Spring Pilgrimage 2023!


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Adult Ages 13+
Children Ages 12 & under


With exceptional architectural integrity, Airlie interprets the early period of the city’s history with its distinctive double pitched roof of a gable with an attached roof shed over the front gallery, glazed sidelights on either side of the front and rear doorways, and its exposed framing in the ceiling of the galleries, all attest to its early construction and significance. The earliest part of the home appears to have been the two rooms east of the central hallway. The rear room here has what is probably the earliest mantel piece in Adams County.

  • Built for Stephen and Katharine Minor about 1790, and sold to Colonel John Steele, Secretary of the Mississippi Territory under Gov. Winthrop Sargent twenty years later
  • Acquired in 1832 by the Aylette Buckner family in 1832 and remained in the Buckner family for almost 200 years, up until the 1990s
  • An elegantly simple and unpretentious home, Airlie makes a gracious statement of warmth and hospitality