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  • Spring Pilgrimage 2023!


Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+
Children Ages 12 & under


One of the earlier homes of Natchez, galleried wings were added to each side of the original two-story home forming a long graceful colonnaded front gallery on the ground floor. In 1849, Jane E. Conner purchased Linden for herself and her 9 children and the current owner is the 6th generation of the Conner family.

  • A fine and rare example of a Punkah, a ceiling-mounted dining room fan manipulated by enslaved persons.
  • 4 Jib windows, 2 small doors beneath a large window allowing one to use the open ‘window’ as a door without changing the symmetry of the facade
  • Extensive front and back galleries across the entire length of the home, with the back gallery being shuttered.
  • 7 tranquil acres of mature Live Oaks, Cedars (planted by the Conner’s in 1849), and lovely grounds only minutes from the center of Downtown Natchez.